Epson, the world's leading projector manufacturer, has announced a multi-million euro agreement with AED, the leading projector installation rental and sales distribution business in the Benelux, to supply over 130 laser projectors , including 70 units of the new EB-L1505U, one of the brightest 3LCD projectors on the market.

Thierry Heldenbergh, Managing Director AED Display, commented: “AED has always been associated with market leading technology, we chose Epson because they met and even exceeded our very demanding standards for durable, versatile and truly bright projectors that provide excellence in colour and picture performance. As the leading rental and sales distribution business in the Benelux, we value the significant investment Epson has made in their new laser installation projection range allowing us to offer the outstanding quality our customers rightly demand from us.”

Neil Colquhoun, Epson’s Executive Director of Professional Displays, added: “I’m delighted to announce this exciting partnership with AED. Epson has already enjoyed tremendous growth following the launch of our new installation range that offers superior Epson 3LCD inorganic optical technology. This agreement with AED adds an excellent partner with a wealth of experience in both installation projection rental and sales giving both our businesses an opportunity to grow further.”

The EB-L1505 is not only one of the brightest 3LCD laser projectors on the market, second only to Epson’s EB-L25000, it is also smaller and lighter than any competing products. With 360° rotation it offers highly flexible mounting with a sealed optical unit and inorganic phosphor wheel that provides 20,000 hours of reliable, maintenance-free use, enabling it to handle the most demanding environments such as concert halls and theatres. Epson is the world's leading projector manufacturer and has maintained its position as the world's No.1 supplier of projectors for 15 successive years . Its 3LCD projectors have achieved cumulative global sales of 20 million units. Epson’s latest range of 3LCD projectors include the world's first-ever 25,000-lumen 3LCD projector, and the company is the first projector manufacturer to produce inorganic 3LCD panels with a laser light source.

The advantages of Epson's 3LCD laser projectors include: Image quality
With a highly efficient light source, Epson's 3LCD laser projectors are well suited for large venues such as auditoriums and concert halls. Using Epson's proprietary 3LCD technology, the new projectors are capable of reproducing spectacular images with outstanding levels of colour brightness. Reliability
Epson's original LCD panels and phosphor wheel are made of inorganic material with superior light and heat resistance. Combining these in a laser projector results in bright, vibrant images for extremely long periods, and 20,000 hours of maintenance-free use. Flexibility
Epson's lineup of 3LCD laser projectors is designed for every venue and application. Rotating 360 degrees, a large range of lenses ensures that these projectors can be installed in a wide variety of locations for projection mapping, signage and a host of other applications.