Euromet and AED group announce their exclusive distribution agreement for Euromet’s professional display and projector mounting systems. The contract will be officially signed at ISE 2018.

Euromet was already founded in the 1960s and has become a major player in the pro installation and video market. The company developed mounting systems for professional displays and projectors, which will be distributed by AED group, with focus on the new product ranges Kalibro, Arakno and Infinigrid.

Kalibro offers the stacking solution for large projectors with mounts for professional and semi-professional projection. Kalibro is a unique solution, patented by Euromet that allows micro adjustments on all axes, with brass knobs located laterally to accurately align two projectors, thus ensuring the maximum concentricity, which is essential for the best projection and image quality.

The Arakno projector mounts are engineered for compact strength and are designed with superior grip adjustment knobs to deliver the easiest fine-tuning for precise image alignment, with the capacity to hold up to a 45Kg (100 lbs.) multimedia projector.

The Infinigrid 2.0 modular video wall mounting system is a complete tailor-made modular solution for any type of display, either in vertical or in horizontal position, guaranteeing an easy and optimal installation as well as total mounting precision both in alignment as well as planarity. It offers easy mounting, total versatility, a robust structure and above all maximum mounting dependability.

Thierry Heldenbergh, managing director at AED Display: “We immediately identified Euromet’s products as a reliable and strategic solution to offer to our European customers in the countries where we have our AED facilities (Benelux, France, UK and Germany).”

Joeri De Clerck, Technical and Operations Director at AED Display adds: ‘The absolute quality and the extreme care in engineering of these ‘Made in Italy’ products are a great asset for us to add these ranges to our portfolio.”

Cristiano Traferri, director of business development: “AED is a company that does not need any presentation in the professional AV market. This strategic distribution agreement is the next big step for Euromet in the professional European scene. We are honored and proud: this deal is the ultimate reward for our commercial policies and product marketing actions that were done over the years.”